Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Latest Addiction

Wuhuuu...what's not to like ....if u can move like this and looked like this.......& of course smile like he does...

I'm surely addicted to U, Ashley Banjo!!!!! I can't breathhhh...oh my....I'm soo feeling u :D

Gimme H2O brother!!! dammit...he is just..heaven.......~~~

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yeay, we're gonna watch Sammy's Adventure...he's soo cute and adorable... :P & we're watching it in 3D.. :D

I'm wearing mix of stripes's my stripes day...:)
& those sandal boots from Vincci, I had them for a while but decided to wear them for the 1st time...

We had our Sushi Q....i like the ones with the eggs on top...

When Technology Fools You

They say, technology can be very convenience...and u own the world with just a click away??? Yup, but I've encounter the most hilarious situation where U can't depend 100% with the technology. Here goes......& my guy is very excited to treat his lady a so called classy dinner, yup, he always known as this 'I know it all' IT guy, i say, he'll sticks to his android more than he needs me**grr...the smell of jelousy**.

So, he navigate this food blog to search for new place to try on. 'The Foundry' (can't really remember the name) so called classy place to dine gets the best vote in this blog, the vote is even higher than 'Chillies', so he claim.As excited as he does, we headed there after our movie. Turns out, that the place is actually just a little restorant under a flat, just to cater the residents there. Oh my. Mr Hazman Hadi, u'll just have to be patient with my high pitch laughter all the way to the classy MAMAK...

Classy... the word that describes the day... :D

Last word to my beloved Hazman Hadi...


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm blogawaying...ahaks

I'm trying to blog tru my phone..its damn cool..

Let's put some piccas

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