Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Latest Addiction

Wuhuuu...what's not to like ....if u can move like this and looked like this.......& of course smile like he does...

I'm surely addicted to U, Ashley Banjo!!!!! I can't breathhhh...oh my....I'm soo feeling u :D

Gimme H2O brother!!! dammit...he is just..heaven.......~~~

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yeay, we're gonna watch Sammy's Adventure...he's soo cute and adorable... :P & we're watching it in 3D.. :D

I'm wearing mix of stripes's my stripes day...:)
& those sandal boots from Vincci, I had them for a while but decided to wear them for the 1st time...

We had our Sushi Q....i like the ones with the eggs on top...

When Technology Fools You

They say, technology can be very convenience...and u own the world with just a click away??? Yup, but I've encounter the most hilarious situation where U can't depend 100% with the technology. Here goes......& my guy is very excited to treat his lady a so called classy dinner, yup, he always known as this 'I know it all' IT guy, i say, he'll sticks to his android more than he needs me**grr...the smell of jelousy**.

So, he navigate this food blog to search for new place to try on. 'The Foundry' (can't really remember the name) so called classy place to dine gets the best vote in this blog, the vote is even higher than 'Chillies', so he claim.As excited as he does, we headed there after our movie. Turns out, that the place is actually just a little restorant under a flat, just to cater the residents there. Oh my. Mr Hazman Hadi, u'll just have to be patient with my high pitch laughter all the way to the classy MAMAK...

Classy... the word that describes the day... :D

Last word to my beloved Hazman Hadi...


Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm blogawaying...ahaks

I'm trying to blog tru my phone..its damn cool..

Let's put some piccas

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been Cut Apart In Aidilfitri

Which is more hurting, been cut in the flesh or been cut by words and act? I say they are equal. At least, if its in the flesh u got to pop a few pills and it feels ok. But when it involve might take more than few pills or its just gonna bleed at least a few centuries? depends.... some are stronger and i've met tons of people who are much much more stronger than me, sumtimes their stories are just unbearable. My medula oblongata just cant except it just the way they do.

Luckily, for me...this few inches cut are just to small compare to those stories that been spinning in my head lately. They remind me to be thankful tho it's my 1st deep cut...wuuuhuuu....

Gonna put up some pics of it....tiny muny cut of my appendix...make sure ur Hemophobia (blood fobia) proof  ...ahaks....just to share how the surgery looks like...hahahhaa

EWWW (^.<) Can U feel the pain???

Doesn't looked that bad aite...i can still walk to the washroom rite after the surgery...thihihi...

Anyhow,  DON'T EVER forget that ur still under the spell of painkillers.

Visited by few of my frens, Fara Waheeda, Eva and YB Alba...propa jer...

So, they say that appendicitis are cause of indigestion of seeds from chillies and guava but it's actually an infection, untreated may cause death.

How does it started? I feel pain in my stomach on Monday night, around 8pm and it gets worse by 4am. Couldn't sleep all night long and the pain couldn't ease, i just have to ask my sister to brig me to the hospital...and the PAIN............sampai guling2...u can imagine... :)

They do all those endoscopic test on me and suspected gastric but however i'm advised to stay warded for the night. The pain ease the next day but the pattern change from all over the stomach to the right side of the stomach, so it's definitely appendicitis. 

Tho it's common, but i still feel the shivers to my spine knowing that i'm going under a knife for the very 1st time. Only GOD knows how my heart beats like hell.

Everything was fast, I'm brought to the surgery room at 1pm and I'm half dead to know when it ends but estimated 1 hour perhaps? Luckily its Ampang Puteri, a private hospital, they are very efficient..everything was fast. 

Not to forget, i'm hungry like 24/7...dun know untill when....dun be shock if i'm 3/4kg fatter...not thinner like those who went under surgery...

 So, thats how my aidilfitri 2010 ended. :P 

NO MORE Open Houses, NO MORE Raya...NO MORE jalan2...damn....

They keep me company during the LUXURY stay in AMPANG PUTERI

Monday, June 21, 2010

Artiti :P

++ cantik, atiti :P ++

Ogling at my fav football STARS!!!

Kak√° (Brazil)
Carlos Bocanegra
Cesc Fabregas (Spain)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
Fabio Cannavaro (Italy)
Lee Chung-Yong (South Korea)

Most good looking World Cup Players - who's ur pick??? hehehe...

Tis i what i do during World Cup season if they are  not playing ~~ngeeee...

Pufff ... (+___+*) fainted...

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA ...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tits & Bits from Tioman Trip

++ 5 hours journey from KL --> Mersing
++ 2 hours by bot from Mersing --> Salang
++ There's a stop called ABC Air Batang..hehehe...erm air batang???
++ Daus was called KAKI PEREMPUAN coz he doesnt fit the flippers for guys..he was given PINK flippers with the name AYU..hahahhaa
++ there's a lot of timun laut with various colors & design ~~ spots, grey, polkodot, pink, big ones, bigger ones, biggest ones..
++ the corals there are dying tho..huhu..cedey
++ food are expensive ~~ double & triple the price in KL - get ready with lots of cash
++ food are easily to find...
++ food consider sedap but super spicy ~~ WARNING : NEVER dare to order extra pedas or u'll die..peloh dehhh
++ Sam tido mati ~ Cinta could not join us for snorkeling
++ some of the free duty shops in Tekek are closed ~~ according to Hazman, our organizer.
++ MUST try~~ seafood bbq..huh..they look yummylicious
++ Best place to stay ~~ ABC, according to Hazman, again :P
++ Salang beaches has lots of dead corals instead of  beautiful sandy's such a pain to walk on the beach...huhu...'turn off'
++ Buy your t-shirt souvenirs at Jetty Mersing ~~ cheaper by RM5-RM10

California Gurls

Haaaaa...falling in love with Katy Perry over & over again...look out for her new release California Gurls...

How cute is tis...she's so hot, i wondered if the sweets melts while she doing the VC...huhuhu..but i guest the VC is not suitable for Malaysian viewer coz  it's not available in YouTube for tis's sum of the images...

Love her so much, i wanted to color my hair blue.....huhuhu :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tioman With Love

June 10, my very first trip to Tioman, an island in east it's said that tis island has the most beautiful coral ..i'm there to experience it myself...

There's 13 of us, Papi & Mami, Fara & Syawal, Cip & Tini, Sam & Cinta, Jue & Daus, our pencinta wanita - Ahhim and us, Hazman & me...

From KL, at 11pm, with black Naza & white Suzuki courtesy of Papi & Hazman, we leave KL towards Mersing, driving coz the bus tickets are all taken due to 'cuti sekolah'.  Thanks to our dedicated drivers, we reach Mersing at around 4 in the morning. We had our early breakfast, and headed to the Jetty at 5. The ferry leave at 6am..

Wallahhhhh....scenery from inside the ferry. Look at the water so blue...

Finally, after such long journey, we reach Tioman.....& tis is where we stay...Salang Beach...

& Tis is how crystal clear the sea water in Tioman ... u can actually see rite to the bottom of the sea...

fishes caught by the villagers...

tis is where we stayed, 60bucks per nite ~ no aircond just a breeze from the kipas antik..huhuhu...u can see why we dun sleep in the middle of the to describe it ~ super duper azab hot!!! hahaha....but than's low budget trip... :P

So, the very first day, we went shopping at FREE Duty shops in Tekek. We went there by boat cost us 30 bucks back & fro, of coz..that's the only transportation there unless u wanted to swim all the way...:) guess who's the driver...nebes...

Our lives actually depended on HIM!! huwahuwahuwa....agak2 kat sekolah diorank ader topik BAB 4 : cara2 memandu bot....hahahhaa

there's lots of noises along the way to the shops, & we finally discovered where do the noises came from ...

Lots and lots of keluang on top of the tree...mind ur head guys..or they'll shit on u...ngeee~~~

After few money burning activities, we headed back home & layan football while having dinner...demam World Cup!!!

Awas, the Tom Yam there was Superb!! Rasanya dia letak cili api segenggam...huhu..coz i had a terrible stomach ache and had to berak all night...HUH...wasted my sleeping time...menyesal mintak extra hot & my japanese plum balls doesn't even help...:(

So, the next day...we went snorkeling that cost us 70 bucks per head, we went 3 places..dunno what's the name coz our penjaga bot is a very quite guy...hehehe....but only 6 of us berjaya bangun....yang len terbongkang...ceh...

since i had my terrible stomach ache, guess what did i feed the fish with besides roti..hehehe....dont even time u go there..i bet the fishes are all extra gemok..hahahhahaha...funny..hey there's no toilet, what do a girl with stomach ache has to do...??ngehehhehe :P

we snorkeled untill 2, mami burn her nose..& turned into a red lobster..hehehe

tis is how we wasted the rest of the evening in Tioman....

++ photography 
++ resting in the cosy hammock
++ swimming at the beach
++ volleyball (or we name it bola beracun)
++ kaco ketenteraman timun laut
++ experiment with the effects by NEXUS...& the results is....STUNNING ..i loike :)

& dinner ..tis time i choose crab more Tom Yam for me plsss...& the rest of the holliday in Tioman...Tom Yam - pembunuh perut..huhuhuhu

not to forget - deliciously tasty Blueberry Vanilla ice tea and Red Rasberry ice tea..slurrpppp..& we had to have it the next day... :)

& the guys are crazy rajin to build unggun api for Fara Azeerin to dance all night...we had our tektonik dance lesson as well by Cikgu Daus...the rest was history ZZzzZZZZzzZZZZ

and continue taking pictures the next day :)
we have 5 hours to waste, had to check out at 12 and ferry arrived at 5.50pm ...
the guys seems to enjoyed their activities playing cards and the gurls continue to shop : perabih duit bf masing2 kan...hahha

Papi the Raja Judi

Time to get back home...huwaaaaaaaa...sob sob :(

if i where to visit here again...i'll take the chalet with aircond..definitely!!! & my honey hutang me BBQ sotong & udang bakar....sayunk..u owe me :P

enjoyed the trip lots..... :)