Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been Cut Apart In Aidilfitri

Which is more hurting, been cut in the flesh or been cut by words and act? I say they are equal. At least, if its in the flesh u got to pop a few pills and it feels ok. But when it involve might take more than few pills or its just gonna bleed at least a few centuries? depends.... some are stronger and i've met tons of people who are much much more stronger than me, sumtimes their stories are just unbearable. My medula oblongata just cant except it just the way they do.

Luckily, for me...this few inches cut are just to small compare to those stories that been spinning in my head lately. They remind me to be thankful tho it's my 1st deep cut...wuuuhuuu....

Gonna put up some pics of it....tiny muny cut of my appendix...make sure ur Hemophobia (blood fobia) proof  ...ahaks....just to share how the surgery looks like...hahahhaa

EWWW (^.<) Can U feel the pain???

Doesn't looked that bad aite...i can still walk to the washroom rite after the surgery...thihihi...

Anyhow,  DON'T EVER forget that ur still under the spell of painkillers.

Visited by few of my frens, Fara Waheeda, Eva and YB Alba...propa jer...

So, they say that appendicitis are cause of indigestion of seeds from chillies and guava but it's actually an infection, untreated may cause death.

How does it started? I feel pain in my stomach on Monday night, around 8pm and it gets worse by 4am. Couldn't sleep all night long and the pain couldn't ease, i just have to ask my sister to brig me to the hospital...and the PAIN............sampai guling2...u can imagine... :)

They do all those endoscopic test on me and suspected gastric but however i'm advised to stay warded for the night. The pain ease the next day but the pattern change from all over the stomach to the right side of the stomach, so it's definitely appendicitis. 

Tho it's common, but i still feel the shivers to my spine knowing that i'm going under a knife for the very 1st time. Only GOD knows how my heart beats like hell.

Everything was fast, I'm brought to the surgery room at 1pm and I'm half dead to know when it ends but estimated 1 hour perhaps? Luckily its Ampang Puteri, a private hospital, they are very efficient..everything was fast. 

Not to forget, i'm hungry like 24/7...dun know untill when....dun be shock if i'm 3/4kg fatter...not thinner like those who went under surgery...

 So, thats how my aidilfitri 2010 ended. :P 

NO MORE Open Houses, NO MORE Raya...NO MORE jalan2...damn....

They keep me company during the LUXURY stay in AMPANG PUTERI

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