Thursday, March 29, 2012

1st Day Journey to Lemanak

1st Day

Our trip to Lemanak's Iban Longhouse is definitely a journey to remember. U'll never get the chance to get the same experience else where. As a girl who lives in the city her whole life, it definitely felt as if i'm going to a absolute isolated place. Luckily i had my mum & dad with me....hehe....not quit adventures tho.

On the 1st day, we started our journey at 8 in the morning, after having our breakfast in a coffee shop next to our lodge where we stay in Kuching. We are supposed to start at 6 but our driver, Mr Hussein had seem to over slept the night before.

Running in our thoughtful heads, we all had this idea that there's no Halal food there in the middle of the jungle since the Lemanak Longhouse is about 5 hours drive from Kuching and 40 minutes by boat so we stock ourselves up with lots of Maggi Mee and junk food to make sure we don't starved to death (although it's only 4 days trip).

We stopped at Serian, a small little town for our lunch. There's lot of Muslim food there (nasik campur and such). Then, we continue with our journey. Without any propper planning, you just have to faced the uncertain outcome. We had no proper map (hanya berbekalkan peta yang dilukis tangan) we lost our way and had to stop everywhere to ask around. It seems that Lemanak is actually quite big. There's even 2 jetty for the boat. 1 is for the villagers and 1 is meant for the tourist. In the end, we did found the Jetty but we were told that we have to book a boat first. :(

That night we had to spend our night at Sri Aman, a small town about 20 minutes journey from Lemanak and had to spend our night at a budget hotel which cost us RM50 per night. But, i had my bontot ayam....nyaman ooooooo.

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