Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Isteri, writer dan dot dot dot

jadi isteri dan writer serentak adalah tidak mudah ok.....

1. ko keje kat rumah....sambil keje sambil otak merewang - hari ni nak masak apa, nak kemas, nak membasuh, baju blum sidai, baju keje laki lom gosok bla bla....huh..its easier when u are working in the office where u can concentrate. weih, bila skrip aku nak siap la camni.

2. your niece or ur in laws ada anak sekolah yang berdekatan rumah - "can u please pick them up?" huhuhu...nervous. not that u cant but when ur a writer like me, u'll like a doctor, 24-7 ready to shot at any locations u are needed and usually there's always an urgent meeting, urgent this and urgent that.

3. ur cat is always making himself comfortable sitting on the lappy esp when u are working.

4. being mostly at home, my hubby tend to let me do all the house work. and he usually forgot what he should do. **fiy, we do split house whole cores at our early stages of marriage.

5. your friends think u have plenty of time to waste with all sort of ridiculous activity during office hour since you are not working in an OFFICE and that u dont have to punch card or something.

and i dont even have kids yet @______@

Cant anyone see that I AM WORKING though I'm at home???? please, my time is precious too u know coz i have pay my own bill..hello

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